This Case is Gonna Kill Me

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Snodgrass, Melinda

Signed Trade Paperback (Reprint)
Book One: White Fang Law Series

“… real-world problems intersect with fantasy problems in unexpected ways — the legal system being one of them!”—SF

Lawyers can really suck…

Fresh out of law school, Linnet Ellery is offered a position at of one the most prestigious law firms in New York. However, the office of Ishmael, McGillary and Gold, as a White-Fang law practice, caters to supernatural clients who are among some of the most powerful beings in existence.

Linnet will need all of her vaunted luck to avoid the cutthroat office politics, backroom deals, supernatural killers, and centuries-old schemers that surround her on a case that could shake the halls of power both mortal and immortal to their foundations.…

What happens when The Firm meets Anita Blake?

Buy This Case Is Gonna Kill Me to dive into Linnet’s supernatural legal adventures today!

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